We are Megan & Christie (Meg’s on the left + Chris is on the right) We’re two Wisconsin natives forever looking for our next adventure. How we know each other? We’ve been in each other’s lives for over 10 years and as of 2023, we officially became sisters (Christie is married to Megan’s brother). 

Our journey to photography has been a wild, exciting, terrifying yet fulfilling one but one we wouldn’t trade for anything. Feeling completely uninspired with previous work, we turned to photography to be our outlet. We’ve always had a love for capturing moments of our lives - from carrying around that tiny digital camera on the weekends (don’t lie, you had one too) to always having our phones out to snap quick photos. Both growing up from high school in long term relationships and now engaged to our people, we have a special love for documenting all the milestones love brings. All of this along with our passion for art, emotion & real moments created Wanderlynn.

We're megan & Christie

A Little About Us /

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Let's tell your story authentically, the way it deserves to be told.



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What inspires us

- Honest Storytelling

Even though we photograph a lot of weddings & love stories, they all are different in their own way. Nobody’s love is the same and nobody’s story is told the same. We’re driven by the loud & quiet moments, the look in your eyes, the unplanned, the laughs that hurt your stomach, the honest emotion, the happiest of tears, the full-told story. Mixing our love for all of this with art, landscape & allll the yummy natural & moody light brings our work to life. 

Every time you look at your gallery, you’ll get to relive your day all over again. You’ll see moments you fully remember as well as moments you may have missed. Start to finish storytelling - it’s what we love to do. Let’s tell yours!


- All the things

Besides our mutual love of photography, here are a few of our favorite things:

- Our fiancés (S/O to Code & Mike)
- 7:15am Orange Theory classes
- Trying new restaurants & recipes
- Scrolling TikTok
- Happy hour sangria
- All. The. Dogs. (send pics of yours please)
- Campfires
- Pizza (duh)
- Lazy days on the couch watching movies
- Hiking & being in nature 
- Spending time with all the besties
- Christie’s dad’s famous old fashioneds 
- Hanging by the lake
- Making up random unrelated nicknames 
- Acoustic vibes

Along with everything above, traveling is one of our top loves (does our name makes it a little obvious?) We make a point to explore new places every year to dive into other landscapes, cultures & climates and let the unknown inspire us. And let’s just say our bucket list of locations is forever growing. We’re always scouting for new spots to hold sessions and dream up the coolest destination weddings. Need some ideas? Let’s travel somewhere magical for your session or wedding! 

Behind the Lenses

- How we create

We understand no one wants to miss one second of their best day and that is a huge reason why there are two of us. Being a duo is something we will never take for granted. We create balance & strength within each other while bouncing ideas off each other.

Most of the time, we’ll both be taking photos but sometimes one of us will be shooting while the other is directing, organizing, etc. Even though we favor unplanned moments, we will still guide & direct you when we can - don’t worry! We understand being in front of the camera can be weird and awkward. We are great at learning you quickly to create art that feels purely like you. We’ll get the goodies while also playing around with slow exposures, angles, textures and anything we’re inspired by in the moment! During the more organic parts of the day, we'll be in and out of the crowd while probably on the dance floor with you and definitely crying during speeches. 

Something really important to remember, friends. It’s easy to get lost in the wedding industry and let the stress of it all outshine what it’s really about - you two. Prioritize yourself and these moments. Let go of any expectations of what your wedding day should be & let these moments happen. This season is a milestone in your life and we want you to remember every second. 


Something we both crave to do all the time is traveling & exploring different places. We’re constantly talking about where we can visit, sending each other photos from different parts of the world and dreaming of traveling there to create. The travel bug is realll. A word that describes this is “wanderlust”. We wanted to include our passion in our name but bring a more personal piece into it. That’s where the second half of our name came in - we have the same middle name, “Lynn.” And right then, we became Wanderlynn! 

the meaning behind our name


Heartwarming quotes

From OUR

The two of them together create absolutely magic from our engagement photos to our wedding previews we are in absolute awe of the moments that they captured not only of us, but our friends and family who surrounded us on our wedding day.




“Megan and Christie are an absolute pleasure to work with and their talent is unmatched. When it comes to timeless, beautiful photos that you will treasure forever, these two have it down. “




There isn't anything to say other than perfection with Megan and Christie. The two of them are so talented and have incredible eyes for the best shots. I love their work and how genuine, thoughtful and encouraging they both are.