Emily + Elliot // Cozy In-home Session in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Easy like Sunday morning – aka Emily & Elliot. 

We were super excited to spend some time with these two again. Not only are they some of the sweetest humans ever but they also have such a special connection with each other that we haddddd to capture more of. We headed over to their place outside of Milwaukee & spent part of their Sunday morning with them. 

We love capturing a couple in a setting that is solely theirs & a place they feel the most themselves in. They spent time doing their “typical” (or not so typical) Sunday morning activities aka playing airplane, dancing in the plant room & laying in bed together. Their home is so cozy and welcoming with all of their neutral tones, greenery & natural light. We can’t even begin to count the amount of times we told them how cute their house was.

Oh and we also go to meet Nala, who is the sweetest angel dog and may have to have her own individual session at some point…