Alivia + Devin // Caught in the Rain

Here they are again! Alivia + Devin! 

These two started off as clients to us but quickly moved to be close friends. If you haven’t seen their wedding day on our blog – go check it out! Sadly, we hadn’t been able to see them for almost a year because life and COVID-19 got in the way! Finally, we got together to catch up over some drinks and planned to bring the camera, just in case. 

Enter: So. Much. Rain. We headed out for a walk, grabbed a few umbrellas just in case it started to rain harder and explored around their neighborhood! Then of course, it began to downpour. If you know Alivia + Devin however, they are down for pretty much anything (and we were cheering them on). It made for such a moody and magical shoot and we couldn’t NOT share them! They pretty much speak for themselves. 

After we were all soaked (seriously, it POURED), we grabbed some towels, drinks and chatted all night long. Safe to say, you will absolutely see these two grace our blog again but hopefully sooner vs later! And a HUGE (virtual) hug and kiss to both of guys for putting up with us.